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ICE: Release Erika Andiola's Mom and Brother - Detained in Arizona Raid!

On January 10th, 2013, Erika Andiola's home was raided by ICE agents looking for her mother Maria. Despite Erika telling the agents they did not have permission to enter they proceeded to detain her mother and brother, Heriberto, who was outside at the time.

This raid comes in retaliation for recent traffic tickets from Maricopa County, Arpaio's territory. This raid goes directly against ICE's recently released policy against detaining and deporting individuals with just traffic violations.

Sign the petition and demand ICE immediately release Maria and Heriberto from their custody.

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2.  Starting 9:00am call ICE and demand they let Maria and Heriberto go! (602) 766-7030

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The Petition

To President Obama, Arizona Field Director, Katrina Kane, Immigration Customs and Enforcement, John Morton, and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano:

I write to ask that you immediately release Maria Arreola and her son Heriberto Andiola Arreola from immigration custody. Both are currently being held at an ICE holding facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Late in the evening of January 10th, 2013, several undercover officers approached the home of Maria and her family asking to enter their home. Maria’s oldest daughter, Erika Andiola, informed them that they were not allowed to enter the house as they did not have proper documents. Your agents disregarded her warnings and proceeded to arrest Erika’s mother and brother, who was outside at the time.

Both mother and son have never been charged of any crime that would make them ineligible to be considered low-priority for enforcement. Recently both were charged with traffic violations which, according to the recently revised ICE protocols, should not have resulted in this detention.

Maria has been an active member of her community; in the summer of 2010 Maria participated in a 4-month long vigil at the Arizona State Capitol against SB1070. This type of retaliatory actions will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, these actions by your agency illustrate the dire need for immigration reform, something Maria’s daughter, Erika Andiola, is fighting for on a daily basis. I ask that you set an example here by immediately releasing Maria Arreola, and her son, Heriberto Andiola from ICE custody.

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