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ICE: Don't Deport Edi Arma!

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ICE is planning on deporting Edi Arma, we have two days to make sure Edi and his family are not separated! Take action; make a call!

ICE in D.C. @ (602) 256-0551 (202) 225-4065
ICE in AZ @  602-766-7028

"Hi, I was calling to ask that Edi Arma (A#089-815-011) be granted discretion; he was granted a Stay of Removal last year. Edi was told he will be deported tomorrow, Thursday January 30th. Edi should be granted another Stay, until legislation passes allowing for him to legalize his status."

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To Arizona Field Director, Katrina Kane, Director of ICE, DHS, ICE and President Obama:

I write to ask that Edi Arma’s Stay of Removal be renewed. Last year, Edi was granted a Stay of Removal, however this year ICE plans to deport him on Thursday, January 30th, saying “nothing has changed in his case.” It’s true, immigration reform has not passed, and therefore nothing has changed for Edi, so why not grant him another stay of removal under the same, unchanged, circumstances as last year?

Edi was first detained by ICE in 2009 after a neighbor called the police saying he looked “suspicious.” The police pulled him over and immediately began to grill him as to his legal status, the asked him if he had proper papers to be in the United States. Edi was honest and told them he did not; he was immediately turned over to ICE agents. Last year (2013) ICE agents attempted to deport Edi, however after a two-week campaign lead by Edi’s, then 11 year old, son Jose, Edi was released.

Edi has three children; ages 12, 9 and 7. His 7-year old daughter suffers from severe asthma, and recently had to be hospitalized. In 2009 Edi’s brother was murdered in Guatemala and, if deported, he fears the same fate. Edi’s wife is a leader in the community, working with other families who face the same fears of deportation as her.

I write to ask that Edi Arma (A#089-815-011) be granted a Stay of Removal, so that he can remain in the United States and be eligible for immigration reform, should it pass this session. Edi is an important member of the community, he is active in his children’s lives and should not be deported. Grant another Stay of Removal for Edi!

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